It Doesn’t Hurt

I just got back from the dentist and it’s bad news. It always is.

I have always had bad teeth and have gotten the “what not” from a lot of different dentist. I hate it. I hate them. I am a rabid anti-dentite.

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I have had 5 root canals and endless cavities filled. With exception of one tooth. None, NONE were giving me pain.

It’s the same old story. Sit in the chair, have them look over my chompers, hear the numbers get called out, and then the dentist ask if any of my teeth were hurting me.


Well we need to dig some stuff and put in some metal and pull this tooth’s roots and fix this and fix that. Are you sure you haven’t been feeling all the decay going on in your mouth? It’s pretty gross. 


Today was no different. I got asked if I had any pain. Nope. The dentist took a look and found something he didn’t like. He decided to take an x-ray. Then he explained he was seeing some infection under my back tooth that had already had a root canal. He wanted to send me to a specialist. OK. Then he got the results of the x-ray. The infection is massive (well as big as it can get in my tiny mouth) and the tooth needs to be pulled out.


The dentist looked at me and said, “How can you not be feeling any pain with this?”

I don’t know.

If you are in pain, you take care of it. Usually the higher the pain, the quicker you do something about it.

Perhaps we would all be nicer people if we felt pain every time we talked bad about someone behind their back or if it hurt when we didn’t open the door for the lady with a double stroller. Maybe when we spend too much money and can’t live in our means, if we had real physical pain, we would stop doing that. Maybe.

But then again, people drink until they have huge hangovers and that doesn’t stop them from drinking again.

Just ask Bill.

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3 Comments on “It Doesn’t Hurt”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Ohhh. I’m sorry you have all that crap going on in your mouth. You need to take a vacation to Texas. We can get some big ol’ bling belt buckles with our names on them. No beer drinking, but the buckles would be festive.

  2. Brittany Says:

    It must be Perry teeth syndrome.

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