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Thanksgiving 2012

November 24, 2012

Today is the last day for me in my 30’s. How did that happen?

In my mind I imagine myself as this,

However this is closer to the truth.

Yup, doing dishes wears me out. That’s OK, I have 3 kids and a hubby to help out. (Even though sometimes getting them to work is just as hard as doing the job myself, but that’s neither here nor there.)

This morning I woke up and took a moment to think back about my 30’s. I think they were good. Think…I just can’t remember a lot.

In fact, Chad and I were wondering what we did last Thanksgiving and we can’t remember. ??? It was only a year ago and I can’t remember.

That is when I decided to get up and start working on this blog again. It’s time to get my old tushie in gear and back to work. If I don’t write things down then I won’t remember them.

So in that vein of thinking, this Thanksgiving we went over to the Rainey’s house. Bridget is a really good cook. She enjoys food, imagine that! I can say I am  89.5 %  sure Bridget has never had one of these in her house.

100% that she has never cooked them. She made a huge crock pot of REAL mash potatoes (I ate 3 helpings), green bean casserole, stuffing (gross, blah, Chad said it was really good) green jello (she isn’t even Mormon!) and her hubby fried a turkey that she had infused with some sort of liquid magic that made it so moist. In short, it was GOOD.

What was even better is that Bridget has 16 year old twins that will play nerd card games with me. We never found any friends here in Alaska that were game nerds. At Fort Bragg we payed Settlers of Catan almost every work day the last year we were there. My friend Jeannette and her brother John would come over about 1:00 and we would play. Chad had the night shift, Jeannette’s hubby was deployed and John messed up his foot really bad on a jump and couldn’t deploy. I don’t think I won even once but I sure enjoyed playing.

Back on subject, games at the Rainey’s. Bridget’s mother-in-law was there so we had enough players to play Citadels. It’s a sweet game you can play with 2 players but to really enjoy it, 4 or more is best. If you are looking for a game to give for Christmas, I highly recommend it. Everyone I have forced this game onto has liked it. The kids caught on fast but MIL, who is obviously older than me, took a while. She did get it towards the end but wasn’t happy when she didn’t win. We then switched to Monopoly, card version. At one point, through expert genius playing, everybody owed me 16 million buck. MIL threw her cards at me and stomped away from the table. I was surprised and tried to explain to her that she wasn’t out of the game. She insisted she was and even though she came back to the table, she pouted the whole time. When John won, she made a point of telling me how she was right about being out of the game.


It’s not a family gathering unless at least one person is offended. I’m a expert genius at that too even though I don’t try. Before dinner the subject of Twilight came up and I expressed how I didn’t like the ending of Breaking Dawn and can barely get through reading New Moon.


MIL did not care for that at all. She explained to me how wrong I was, I just nodded and smiled at her. I don’t know her whole story but I guess sometimes the body grows up but the mind doesn’t. Tip for this old lady (me), don’t throw tantrums when I don’t get my own way. Let’s see if I can make it to New Year Day!

Happy late Thanksgiving everybody!


Being A Lady

November 12, 2012

The goal is always to be a lady. This involves trying to look my best, no swearing, be kind to others and especially no farting in public. In fact I never say the word fart. It’s so harsh. It’s a toot. I have amazing butt (oh, also a harsh word) bum muscles from withholding gas until I can reach the bathroom, even in my own home. I’m not an animal. I have higher goals than eating, sleeping and passing on my DNA.

That all being said, (and I’m seriously considering deleting what has been said, it seems so unladylike) today I dressed up for church in my Sunday best. I put on some new nylons that have tummy control to help me look my best. These ones go all the way up to the top of my abs, to flatten out the whole lacking-super-muscles system. It’s a little uncomfortable but not a big deal. On the smiley face pain chart I am here…


Chad was speaking at our church today and he was the last speaker of the meeting. The meeting started and slowly, but surely, my nylons start to slide down. At first I didn’t notice it as these super tight nylons, let me repeat this, super tight, I’m talking Spanx’s sister here, roll from the top of my abs to my waist.  It adds an extra 3 inches of pressure there. I start to move up on the pain chart.


It hurts but it’s not the end of the world. At our church we  usually have a couple of speakers and then a hymn or special musical number followed by the finally speaker. Rachel was singing in a special musical number with the youth. Just before it was time for her to up and sing, the pain level move up.


Some of you maybe asking why am I moving up this pain scale. Go into your closet, get a belt, put it around you waist as tight as you can. Now wait 40 minutes without letting up at all. Hurts, doesn’t it. Now go get some food and water and  finish reading this blog.

Any who I am realizing that I need to take care of this problem before I start to either lose the ability to take a full breath of air or worse, pass gas. Things are not good. However I can’t leave, Rachel is performing. I would scar her for life if I got up and left the room while she was singing. I just have to tough it out.

Rachel performance is done and now it’s time for Chad to speak. Ok, I need to concentrate as he will ask later what I like about his talk and how I thought he did over all. Focus, I need to focus. Maybe if I sit up straighter my waist will feel better. Nope didn’t help. What if I lean forward, AHHH! NO, NO, just moved up on the pain chart!


Yes, I’m at an 8. I am never wearing these nylons again, or at least not a size small. To make things worse Chad is talking about how Jesus felt pain and sorrow when he lived on the earth. PAIN. Really honey? The speaker before Rachel’s musical number went WAY over his time and we are now 5 minutes past quitting time. I’m beginning to wonder if I wave my hand high above my head in a circle, with my pointer finger up, that Chad will understand he has 1 minutes to finish up.  Chad finally gets my mental signals and ends his talk. (Side note – It was good.) Thank goodness it’s over. Now just a song and we are done.

Wait…the Bishop is getting up. Why? He doesn’t need to? What is going on here. Panic, breathe, can’t, oh no.

Yup, the Bishop has a deep desire to share with the ward something that happened to him this week. At this point I am sitting on the edge of my seat, trying to get into some sort of position to relieve some of the pressure. I am no longer trying to be a lady but just survive, I have officially transferred into animal mode. The Bishop talks for 7 minutes, yes I was watching, and as soon as he sat down, I bolted out of there. I didn’t even wait for the closing song.

Move, grrrrr, move!


I had about an inch or so red mark around my waist.

Ladylike? FAIL.


November 9, 2012

Yesterday I got my tooth pulled out.

This is pretty much what the dentist did. He just numbed me up REALLY good, put in the pliers and pulled it out. I thought by this day and age we could have figured out a better way. Guess not. Heather had her tooth pulled on Tuesday and she said the worst part was the noise. Bridget gave the great advice of listening to earbuds. It really helped to focus on Josh Groban as the dentist ripped my tooth out.

That’s OK, at least he didn’t do something that creeped me out at the last dentist.  I would be laying in the chair, all numbed up, and the dentist would be doing his thing. Then he would notice my lips are dry and he would get some chapstick and PUT IT ON MY LIPS.

I would lay there frozen, feeling like some poor woman a crazy man kidnapped and kept locked in the basement chained to a bed. Crazy man wanted to dress me up, he would bring down make-up and put it on me while singing, “Pretty, your so pretty.”  Ugh.

If you are ever going to be a dentist, or work in a dental office, don’t do that. Please.

Ohhh, your lips look dry….



November 8, 2012

Two days ago the we had a girls day at the mall. Well, girls day plus two cute boys. Sara had her boys with her and they were mostly very well behaved. Lucas, who’s was having his second birthday, did take off at one point and for a good 10 seconds we couldn’t find him. As any mom will tell you, that can be a very long 10 seconds. Sara strapped Lucas back into the stroller once we found him and he throw a huge fit. However after 10 minutes he calmed down and we got some lunch. While his fit was really loud, it was short. My girls would have cried until we got home.

At one point in our girl’s day of fun, we ended up at Nordstrom. We ohhed and ahhed over the expensive things. I have always wanted a Burberry purse.

This cute little thing goes for 895 good old American dollars. Even if I had the money I don’t know if I would spend it on a purse. However it is fun to dream and pretend I’m some posh gal from Kensington London who just has money pounds to burn. Any who, after we ate lunch and Sara had to leave, the remaining four of us were chit chatting as we exited a new store in the mall. As we were doing so, a group of about 6 beautiful young women walked by. They were all dressed very nicely. They had on heels and well made dresses and designer suits. I couldn’t help but stare. I even had some word vomit and said out loud, “That should be us.”

The thing is I love to dress up. I love every Sunday when I pull out a beautiful dress from my closet and put on some high heels. At a lot of Protestant churches Chad and I have visited, people just don’t dress up. They wear whatever they want. Since we are in Alaska, more often than not, it’s a sweater/sweatshirt and jeans.  I dream of living in the South were ladies not only dress up for church but wear amazing hats. I can only hope this is true as I have never attended a Protestant church down there.

The rest of the week I have a hard time finding a balance between the Alaska look and church dress. I usually ended up right dab on the Alaska side and have on jeans and a sweatshirt that has a giant Y on it, which some people think is for Yahoo. My heart is more on the church side but it can be really expensive. This is why I stared at those young girls dressed up at the mall.

None of us that went to the mall had on the Alaska look. We all had nice casual outfits. We all had our hair done, make up on, looking like ladies. Heather did have a little bit of a problem as she had joined us from the dentist and one side of her mouth was numb. When she laughed she looked like she had recently had a stroke and her face was falling off. Which made us laugh, and that led to her laughing more, so we laughed more, it was jolly good fun.

Those young girls who walked by looking so great, were not laughing. They weren’t even talking to each other. I didn’t notice it till later as I was caught up in their pretty clothes. At the end of the day, I would much rather had the warm caring friends I do than rich silent ones I saw. The grass my look greener over there, but I’ll take this patchy land with great people on it any day.

Too Late!

November 7, 2012

Do you remember when I posted about how bad of a speller I am? I wrote that I tend to spell the right word at the wrong time. For example, The elections mad me mad. Poor typing, fingers can’t keep up with the brain, stuff like that. Just keep that in mind.

Chad and I struggled financially for many years. The first year we lived with his family. I do not recommend this. The first year of marriage is a time for a young bride and groom to figure out how their little family works, not fit into an already made family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws, but if my kids are struggling and need a place, I will pay their rent.

Chad and I during our first year of marriage. Yes, those pants do go up all
the way to my waist. It was the 90’s people!


The next 3 years Chad was at BYU and we lived in tiny small apartments. We also had a baby girl, cute little Rachel.

The lovely lady sticking her tongue out at my Rachel, is Erin, Chad’s sister.
She lived in our 2nd room to help pay the rent and Rachel’s crib was in the
living room. Classy .  Apparently I couldn’t afford clothes for my baby either.


Then Chad graduated and couldn’t find a job. We ended up living in an very old home in Utah. A polygamist built this house and made different living quarters for his wives. Somehow our landlord ended up with the house (he was not a polygamist) and rented the rooms out. It felt like if we sneezed really hard the house would fall over. While living at the “compound” we had another cute girl, Leia.

Here we are sitting on a futon covered with a blanket
while I try to smother my child with a Care Bear.


All this time Chad would get up in the middle of the night to pee and would flush the toilet. Not a big deal  until we had kids. The old pipes would make such a noise, waking us all up. I would plead and beg for Chad not to flush the toilet. Just wait until the morning.

Some of you might be grossed out thinking of pee sitting in a toilet all night. I was REALLY tired. REALLY. Rachel was not a good sleeper and I had to rock that kids multiple times a night. I also did the rookie mistake of cleaning the house during nap time. I was desperate for sleep.

For 13 years Chad never got the hang of not flushing the toilet. He was half asleep in the middle of the night and would just forget.

Now our children are older and we live in a wonderful home issued to us by the Army. The pipes don’t wake up anybody.  Last week I woke up in the morning to see pee in our toilet.

He finally got it right, just at the wrong time.

Have A Great Day

November 6, 2012

Things have been crazy here at the Thompson house. I STILL haven’t figured out a good schedule. The house has suffered, my exercising has suffered, and my blogging has suffered.

Chad was hoping coming home would be a lot like R & R. Durning R & R I told the whole world to leave me alone and I focused 100% on Chad. He loved it. It was fun, and I did focus on him like that for the first week he came back.

However life has to keep going and this has been hard for us. Chad would love all my attention and to have me ignore everybody. When I get a text from a friend, he gets a little bit jealous. It’s cute.

So to help Chad ease back into my crazy busy life, I have stayed off the computer and watched more football than I ever have in the last 12 years. It’s all worth the sacrifice. Today he is jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with nothing more than a sheet on his back. (The Army gives him  an extra $150 a month to do this, I think his life is worth more than that, but oh well.) Chad had to be at the drop zone at 4:00 in the morning. This left me free to get on the computer.

Of course all the time I wasn’t on the computer I thought of lots of things to blog about. Now that I have my pretty little fingers on the keyboard, nothing.

Such is life. I will just wish you a happy voting day and I pray all your wildest dreams come true.