Yesterday I got my tooth pulled out.

This is pretty much what the dentist did. He just numbed me up REALLY good, put in the pliers and pulled it out. I thought by this day and age we could have figured out a better way. Guess not. Heather had her tooth pulled on Tuesday and she said the worst part was the noise. Bridget gave the great advice of listening to earbuds. It really helped to focus on Josh Groban as the dentist ripped my tooth out.

That’s OK, at least he didn’t do something that creeped me out at the last dentist.  I would be laying in the chair, all numbed up, and the dentist would be doing his thing. Then he would notice my lips are dry and he would get some chapstick and PUT IT ON MY LIPS.

I would lay there frozen, feeling like some poor woman a crazy man kidnapped and kept locked in the basement chained to a bed. Crazy man wanted to dress me up, he would bring down make-up and put it on me while singing, “Pretty, your so pretty.”  Ugh.

If you are ever going to be a dentist, or work in a dental office, don’t do that. Please.

Ohhh, your lips look dry….


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2 Comments on “Creeeeepy”

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