A Bad Chair

What is your favorite chair?

This is a good chair.

“You can put your bee..soda in there.”
Name that movie!!

I wouldn’t mind one of those in my house.

I like these chairs.

These chairs mean no cooking or cleaning!

And these chairs as well.

My friend is in Florida right now and she keeps sending me picture like this.

My favorite chairs of all are these ones.

Not the most comfortable but I’ll take this chair any day!

My least favorite chair? This one.

Satan’s favorite chair.

That is exactly where I found myself yesterday.

I have written about my dentist experiences before. You can read about it by clinking here. It’s titled Creeeeepy for a reason.

This time around I did feel pain, a lot of pain, coming from my lower left teeth. No chewing, and definitely nothing above room temperature, as both would set my tooth off.

I set up my emergency dentist appointment. Now the problem I am facing, other than pain, is that I have to lay flat on my back in the torture chair. Why is this a problem? This is why.

What is up with Elizabeth’s bangs?

See those cute sweeping bangs? That was over 4 months ago. Now the bangs are longer but not long enough to pull back into a low pony tail.

When going to the dentist, you can not have a high pony tail. Your head has to lay flat. I know, I have tried it and ended up pulling my hair out so the dentist could work safely without my head randomly losing it’s balance on the pony tail and flop to one side or the other.

I don’t like laying in the torture chair with my hair down as it is super fine and likes to pick up a lot of static. That can be a pain for the dentist as well.

Not me.

So the solution is to pull my hair into a low ponytail. To keep the hairs flat that don’t reach, typically I would spray them down with hairspray. However in a moment of weakness, and to be funny, I bought Aquanet hair spray. Leia says it smells like garbage. I don’t want to make the dentist smell garbage, his face is too close to my hair. I want the guy with the drill to be as comfortable as possible. Sigh.

So I pulled my baby strains back and went to the dentist.


The dentist started stage one of the dreaded procedure and I was in the chair for over an hour. By the time I got up, my face was numb from a double shot of Novocaine and my unsprayed hair was all over the place. I looked like I had just woken up from the floor of a dirty, nasty bar, hungover, drooling  and having no clue were I was. I wish I would have had the foresight to take a picture.

Don’t worry, next week is stage two and I get to be in the chair for two hours! I will do my best to remember to take a picture in my drunken state.

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3 Comments on “A Bad Chair”

  1. Shantell Says:

    Take a picture!!!

  2. Alma Perry Says:

    Tommy Boy!!! Yea me for the win!

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