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Communication With Your Man

April 30, 2013

Everybody knows that communication is key in any relationship.

Chad and I had great communication skills before we got married. We spent most of our courtship apart and thus a lot of phone calls and letters (letters are words you write, WITH A PEN, onto paper and then mail it to another human being). We talked about our future, our goals, how we wanted to raise our kids, all good stuff.

Then we got married and had to live together, ALL THE TIME.

Communication went downhill fast.

Turns out we do want the same stuff but I like to take the freeway to get there and Chad likes the country side road. This became a problem.

We had more tears shed over putting together some lame bookshelf than was necessary and it really bothered me.

Weren’t we suppose to be one?

Aren’t we a team?

Why can’t we get alone?

Then I figured it out.

I like to say exactly what I’m feeling, exactly when I feel it. Chad likes to talk in code (I’m tired = I’m mad) and wait a while.

There is a tendency for humans to think the way they behave is normal and how everybody around them should behave the same way.

So I took everything Chad said at face value and he read into everything I said.

Can you see the problem here?

I have know about our poor communication skills for years, so has Chad, however nothing has changed. We are each stubborn in sticking to our communication style. Knowledge only takes you so far.

Well, I’m older now, not so full of energy and not so full of myself. Things that were important just a few years ago, (being right) aren’t so important now.

This last weekend we took a mini trip up to Talkeetna, a small Alaska town. Talkeetna is the starting point for people wanting to climb Denali, or Mount McKinley as you may know it. They also have small plane rides up to glaciers and the mountain. It’s a pretty little town. We had a cabin for Friday and Saturday night. We had a great weekend together with the kids. However, Chad had to speak in church on Sunday morning so we had to get up early and head back to Anchorage right away. Saturday night Chad and I practiced our communication skills.

“Chad, should we check with the lodge to make sure we can check out early?”

“No. I asked if we could show up late at night and they said it was fine. I’m sure they have somebody there all the time.”

The old me would have said, “Well it doesn’t hurt to check. Go find out.”

However Chad has been reminding me, A LOT lately, that “men” don’t like help. If we “women” help “men” then it means we think they are weak and not “manly” and “men” hate not feeling “manly”

Fine. I just kept my mouth shut.

Sunday morning Chad drags us out of bed, stressed and wanting to hit the road. I had the girls dressed and ready to go with no problems. Chad headed over to the lodge to check out and…


Nobody was there. The old me might have smiled and been all smug, the new tired older me, just closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Chad grabbed the little notebook they had in the cabin and found the lodge hours. 8 to 8, in the summer. It was 9 to 9 now. He wasn’t sure what to do but since he is a “man”, I let him figure it out in peace. He ended up calling a number and waking up some poor soul. The Poor Soul told him to just drop his key off in the key drop off box. Chad told him that the lodge door was locked. Poor Soul informed him of some brand new information. Our cabin key could open the lodge. Good to know. 10 minutes later we hit the road.

As we started driving back, Chad started talking about the morning events and I realized that I hadn’t been blunt and shared my exact feelings, which were, “Listen to your wife, idiot.”

I actually moved from knowledge to practical use. It just took 3 kids wearing me down and turning 40 to stop being so stubborn.

So if you have communication problems with your man, just hang in there. Soon you would be tired enough to let him be a “manly man”.

Yes, honey. That is a good idea, use barbed wire. (Internal eye roll.)

Yes, honey. That is a good idea, use barbed wire. (Internal eye roll.)


Top Ten List: Bad Star Trek

April 29, 2013



But aren’t you the gal who just went last Thursday to see Star Trek: The Next Generation in the movie theaters? An episode you have seen multiple times, from over 2 decades ago? Didn’t you just throw your friend an awesome Star Trek birthday party? 

Yup. Yup. Yup.

Star Trek is amazing but not everything is ideal. Before you start cursing my name, hear me out. Here is the top ten worst things about Star Trek.

10) The color change of the uniform. It’s not really a big deal but I gotta have 10,  so it made the list. In the original Star Trek the colors are as follows:


Command positions were gold, operations were red and science blue. Then Star Trek: The Next Generations came along and look what they did:


Command is now red and operations now gold.

It’s silly to raise an eyebrow to this, but if it was real, which it’s not, that is crazy. Changing a uniform is a big deal in the military world. The Navy, which Star Trek was patterned after, uses color uniforms on their Flight Deck. Yellow shirts are the flight deck officers and thus command. Red shirts load and “arm” the weapons on the aircraft, operations. Seems like Star Trek TOS got it right.

9) The Navy. Ugh, Star Trek is the Navy. The Navy stinks. I dated a Navy boy (he hated the Navy) and lived on a Naval base in Florida. The seamen (negative points right there) have to work hard in tiny places, wear horrible dress uniforms and are out on the ships even in peacetime. It’s a sucky job. Plus the Village People didn’t help their image at all. They did have some rocking moves in their sweet video of “In The Navy”. Just click on the picture and enjoy.

in the navy

8) Half naked aliens. They run rampant throughout the Star Trek universe. It seems ladies on other planets don’t need/want clothes.

Only Spock could ignore that outfit.

Only Spock could ignore that outfit.

How do the ugly guys get the super models? It happens more than it should.

How do the ugly guys get the super models? It happens more than it should.

Original green alien girl. They seemed to have use the exact same make-up on the green girl in the last Star Trek movie. She looked just as bad and, was half naked.


Zarabeth here lives on a ice plant, couldn’t you tell?

Thank goodness this planet had extra tin foil laying around. Whew.

Thank goodness this planet had extra tin foil laying around. Too bad those panties look like  baby disposable diapers.

Not as naked as the others but just as disturbing.

Not as naked as the others but just as disturbing.

You get the point, which leads us to…

7) Seven-of-nine


“Could I get a pocket on this thing for my cell phone and lip balm. Sheesh.”

There was a rumor that the Star Trek uniforms were padded so that all the woman looked the same. Then along comes Seven-of-nine. Super distracting. This was the least offensive picture I could find. There was no way she could wear any underwear in that outfit and the nerdy men knew it. Gross.

6) The Star Trek was TOO politically correct. At first it was super cool with Star Trek: TOS with all the different nations. A couple of boys from the US, a Scottish engineer (played by a Canadian), a Russian navigator (played by an American), a Japanese helmsmen (played by a Japanese-American), a strong black woman (played by a strong black woman) and an alien who almost got cut from the show because he looked too much like the devil (not played by Satan). All that was super cool when Star Trek first aired in 1966. Cutting edge, amazing.

Fast forward to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Everyone made such a stink of a black captain. This in 1993 when our military had tons of black leaders. The new writers kept trying to capture that same feeling of cutting edge from the 60’s. However that ship had sailed. Then when Star Trek: Voyager came out I had to roll my eyes. A female captain is cool, and I liked the actress but a black Vulcan,half-human half-Klingon and a Native American? Come on. I didn’t like the characters or their acting. It felt like they were pushing too hard and HAD to come up with something different. Instead of finding good actors, they tried to be shocking. Not cool.

5) Cardassians. Worst regular aliens ever. They are just Klingon wannabes without looking cool or being true warriors. There are some fabulous aliens in the Star Trek fake universe like The Borg and Romulans. These guys are on the b team. We could cut them from Star Trek all together and be just fine (kind of like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).

I don't want to look at either of these guys.

I don’t want to look at either of these guys.

4) Horrible side characters. If you are a fan of Star Trek you will recognize these guys. If not, just take my word for it, I wanted them all to die.

Top of the list is Doctor Katherine Pulaski. She replaced Dr. Crusher in season 2 of TNG. Rumor is they fired her as she couldn't gel with the rest of the cast. It was pretty obvious to those of us watching. UGH

Top of the list is Doctor Katherine Pulaski. She replaced Dr. Crusher in season 2 of TNG. Rumor is they fired her as she couldn’t gel with the rest of the cast. It was pretty obvious to those of us watching. UGH

Hey crazy eyes, we get it you are tough. Quite trying to prove it every episode. Oh you died. Bummer. Bring on Worf! P.S. We did love your half Romulan daugher. She kicks your butt.

Hey crazy eyes, we get it you are tough. Quit trying to prove it every episode. Oh you died. Bummer. Bring on Worf! P.S. We did love your half Romulan daugher. She kicks your butt.

Ensign Ro. She was loud, didn't follow the rules, whined about not being able to wear her earring. What the heck was an ensign doing hanging around all the senior officers anyway. She needed to go.

Ensign Ro. She was loud, didn’t follow the rules, whined about not being able to wear her earring. What the heck was an ensign doing hanging around all the senior officers anyway. She needed to go.

The Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek. You wonder if the writers put him in there just to entertain little kids. He has no real reason to be around, none.

Rom, The Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek. You wonder if the writers put him in there just to entertain little kids. He has no real reason to be around, none.

Sure Neelix was a regular on Voyager but he was annoying, useless, amazingly stupid and got multiple people killed because of how stupid he is

Sure Neelix was a regular on Voyager but he was annoying, useless, amazingly stupid and got multiple people killed because of how stupid he was.

Oh my....

Oh my….

Where is Guinan, you might be asking. I didn’t mind her so much. If you want to add her to your personal hate list, be my guest.

3) The fans of Star Trek. Chad and I did attend the Star Trek: TNG Best of Both Worlds showing at the local theater last Thursday. I SO wish I could have taken a picture of the people in that theater with us. There are many words to describe them, some are chubby, or hicks, or not normal. The theater was pretty much full of people you see on sites making fun of people who shop at Walmart. The fans can be such weirdoes!

What the heck? Guinan isn't white, Deanna never wore a red dress, it was turquoise, Geordi was black not Asian, Ensign Ro has her earring on and is Beverly here a man? Sheesh, stupid fans.

What the heck? Guinan isn’t white, Deanna never wore a red dress, it was turquoise, Geordi was black not Asian, Ensign Ro has her earring on and is Beverly here a man? Sheesh, stupid fans.

Really? Really.

Really? Really.

There are always chubby girls trying to make Star Trek sexy. It never works.

There are always chubby girls trying to make Star Trek sexy. It never works.

"That's funny! My grandkids won't talk to me either!"

“That’s funny! My grandkids won’t talk to me either!”

This is pretty much what the theater looked like last Thursday. I doubt a single person there is under 30. Nerds!

This is pretty much what the theater looked like last Thursday. I doubt a single person there is under 30. Nerds!

2) The short shirts. Being LDS, I live my life with a very nice dress code, cover up!! I wish more people in this world would follow that code. I don’t care if you are skinny, tan, or just proud of your heavier, white body. We (normal people) don’t want to see it. I am a stickler for accuracy in my fake sci-fi worlds and the fact that I can’t, and don’t want others to, dress in mini skirts is a bummer. The show did come out in the 60’s and woman just had to show of their power and independence by revealing those legs. Thank goodness there wasn’t power in cleavage back then for Starfleet Academy officers.

I don't think that skirt could be an millimeter higher. Don't bend over Uhura! Please.

I don’t think that skirt could be an millimeter higher. Don’t bend over Uhura! Please.

And now at the end of the longest Top Ten List ever, the worst thing about Star Trek is…

1) I’m not in it!

star trek 001


April 25, 2013

Last night I went to a CAV coffee. It was a lot of fun. The theme was spring cleaning and we were all suppose to dress in what we clean in. I wore one of the aprons I made and won a prize. It’s a sweet apron.


It says Hot Chick because I get super hot cooking, as in heat. It’s a play on words. Oh…you get it. I didn’t need to explain it. My bad.

I didn’t see Chad before I left for the coffee but when I got home is was offended I didn’t wear his apron. He informed me, in case I forgot, that it was the greatest apron ever. You remember it, the pervert apron. Yeah, I wasn’t interested in wearing it.

apron 2

My cute model Rachel looked down at the apron and said, “Why does it say Johnson?” Why indeed.

At the cleaning coffee the gals who put it on made lots of yummy food which they labeled with clever names. For example, the meatballs were called dirt balls. Then we played a “name that song/catch phrase” of cleaning products. I got 10 out of 15 and won a prize. After that we played a mingle game. One of us had a product, like shaving cream and another person had something crazy it does, like, “put on mirrors to keep from fogging up while showing”. You had to find your match and if you did you got a prize. I found my match and got another prize. All the prizes were cleaning supplies. Very clever.

After all the fun the CAV commander’s wife did a little business and it was time to go. She politely said, “Does anyone have anything else.” I stood up to go. Who would have anything?

A young wife said, “I do.” She then informed us she was selling some sort of cloth that is the newest thing in washcloths. We were not at this young lady’s home and she didn’t help put on the coffee. She gave her sales pitch and then informed us she was having a launch party for this product and had invites for all of us. As she was going on and on about this washcloth, I thought to myself, “If I was in charge, how would I handle this?”

You see the CAV coffee is for the wives to get together and social. It for us to make friends, relax and be a family. It is not for ladies to sell us Scentsy, Mary Kay or any other product. It’s a no-no.

It was pretty obvious that the commander’s wife didn’t know this young wife,was going to do what she did. So the question comes up, how do you tell this person what she is doing is wrong without embarrassing her? It’s important to nip this stuff in the bud because at the next coffee, another wife might bring up Thirty-One Bags or Essential Oils.

What would you do?


Flat Stanley

April 24, 2013

Flat Stanley came to our house to visit….a while ago.

My cute little nephew Ethan sent him to us with a handwritten note.

photo (100)

Ahh, isn’t that cute. Well this should be easy. Just take Flat Stanley with us everywhere for one week. Can do.

Or not.

We got Flat Stanley in March, IN MARCH.

Yesterday I got a text.

photo (7)

I keep trying to have a Flat Stanley week but we are so busy! The end of March was that huge birthday party for Sara, chaplain wives coffee, CAV coffee and the CAV spouses social (which I put together). I barley got the house cleaned. When April rolled around we got Flat Stanley off of the fridge and took a picture with him of Leia’s April Fools cupcakes.

photo (98)

However the rest of the week Flat Stanley lived on the counter. Oops. The next week I tried again and started with Flat Stanley out in the snow.

photo (99)

That’s a lot of snow for April. However after Flat Stanley came inside he ended up back on the fridge, silently watching us ignore him.

I would often say to myself, grab that poor boy off of the fridge and take him with you. However yelling at kids to put on snow pants and boots not shorts and church shoes and hauling them out to the van, he got left behind. Chad had a wedding 2 weeks ago and I threw Flat Stanley at him. Chad did take a picture but it’s on his camera and I have no clue where his camera is…and where Flat Stanley is.

I lost Flat Stanley!!!

I’m pretty sure he is hanging out with Chad’s camera, somewhere in the house. I just have to corner Chad and figure it out. He is just as busy as I am.

You would think that we would slow things down and get ready to leave Alaska, but that’s not what is happening. We only have so many days left with people we adore and we are cramming everything we can into the time left. We have a trip up North planned for this weekend (which Flat Stanley is gonna love as soon as I find him), a list of local restaurants to visit, important movies coming out that we are seeing with friends, wildlife trips, driving to Homer, stuff like that.

Some people like to pull away when it’s time to move, I think that is a little crazy. It’s still going to hurt and you stressing about the move and being grouchy isn’t going to help. It just makes you leave on a bad note. I plan on partying until the day we leave this place.

I just don’t plan on Flat Stanley being here. Here Flat Stanley, come to Auntie!

Star Trek Party

April 23, 2013

Last Saturday we threw a surprise Star Trek party for Heather.

Well, the theme was a surprise, the party wasn’t.

Let me set this up for you. Heather didn’t want a party and doesn’t like stuff. Her house is super clean because she is a tad OCD. Extra stuff can stress her out because it has to have a home in her home and her home isn’t huge. She has no problem throwing stuff away.

I don’t care. I threw her a party anyway, much to her chagrin.

Heather was a little worried about her party. Why? Well last month we threw Sara a 30th birthday party that involved making one half of the house a funeral parlor to mourn the passing of Sara’s youth. The other half of the house was a big ol’ Snookie party, which we all dressed up for. Here is a pic.


We don’t normally look like that…well most of us don’t normally look like that.

You can see why Heather was nervous. She kept asking us what to wear. We told her anything she wanted, knowing full well when she showed up there would be an Uhura costume waiting for her.

I do need to take a moment to mention that Heather and I love Star Trek and the rest of the gang could pretty much take it or leave it. They were all pretty good about dressing up and finding fun Star Trek presents for Heather. I think after the planning meetings for Sara’s party, they were happy all they had to do was dress up.

So last Saturday rolled around, and after one last text from Heather saying she was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, she showed up. We were all dressed and ready for her. She walked into the party room and a huge grin burst onto her face. She said something along the lines of, “This is awesome.” Here we are.


You can’t tell in the picture but I have Spock eyebrows and ears. Yeah….I’m that cool. I had to wear Chad’s Star Trek shirt as there wasn’t a lot of Trekkie stuff up here in Anchorage.

Sara made a sweet cake, which she whined and complained about because it wasn’t perfect. We all told her to shut up until we dug into it and we couldn’t cut the fondant. Sara had forgot an important step like water or something. I don’t know. I thought the cake look fabulous and the cake under the fondant tasted great. She did a better job than I could have. No complaints from me.


Heather got all sort of great gifts like Star Trek oven mitts, water bottle, bottle opener, a sticker for her car, a t-shirt and a pizza cutter. She got a bracelet that said Live Long and Prosper. Megan skipped the Star Trek theme and got her earrings, and a collage of pictures with her and Heather. As you may recall, Heather has said in the past that Optimus Prime is one of her celebrity crushes. Sara got her a Optimus helmet that talks. Sara figured Heather could put it on her husband and pretend Optimus Prime is real…and a human…which he is not.

Anywho, we had pizza and played an old Star Trek: The Next Generation VCR game. I found it on Amazon and Sharon had an old VCR. We all had a great time, except poor Bridget. She is having gallbladder issues and was in pain. We were all for taking her to the ER, but she is a tough little nut and said the pain wasn’t that bad. She is waiting until she is on the floor in pain and can’t move. Poor Bridget left after our Star Trek game. We then played a card version of Pictionary and laughed and laughed and laughed.

We have had a lot of fun times, this crazy group, but I had never laughed so much as I did last Saturday. My cheeks hurt so bad. It was our last big party before we leave Alaska and it couldn’t have ended on a better note. I wish all the gang could have been there to join in with us. We are planning a reunion in NYC in October and I look forward to it. It would be so nice if all 10 of us could make it.

I took Heather home and she was so grateful for the birthday party she didn’t want.

Perfect. I think she might have been so happy she pooped her pants.

Chaplain Wives

April 19, 2013

Last week I was busy putting together a farewell dinner for the chaplains of the 4-25. We had everybody over as 5 out of the 6 are leaving. We had a crockpot cook off which is always a good idea. First, it’s easy to throw something in the crockpot and then just pick it up and take it to a party. Second, a cook off makes it exciting and everybody tries a little of each dishes to vote for their favorite. We usually provided drinks and some kid friendly food. It’s a low stress party for sure. We ate, sent the kids upstairs to play and chatted the night away.

In case you have never met a chaplain, let me tell you, those guys like to talk. They all have felt the Lord touch their heart to share his good word and works with the military. They are not shy.

The wives however differ. Some are super outgoing and some are not. Some attend every bible study and some attend the night session and some don’t. There is no general set of rules. I will tell you they are all strong in their own sort of way.

It’s can be hard to be a bishop/preacher/minister’s wife, but then add the military on top of that and whoa Nelly! Now you have the congregation and the military pulling your loved one away from your family time.  I have only been a chaplain’s wife for just about 3 years but I have never once heard any chaplain’s wife complain about her husband’s job. Each lady adjust and does what she needs to take care of her family. Some focus even more on the kids, some home school, some volunteer at the bible studies, some make sure the wives stay in touch, we all play a part. We do what we need to and find a extra strenght knowing the Lord wants our husband to be in the military.

So back to our farewell party last week. The 4-25 chaplain in charge is Chaplain Bolin. His wife is evil friend. We have become great friends. I guess early morning workouts with evil friend, whose real name is Sharon, will do that to a person. The tradition in the Army (and perhaps the rest of the military) is to give farewell gifts to those who are leaving. It usually is a framed picture with the units flag or patch. Here is Chad’s from when he was enlisted.

photo (94)

Sharon likes to get farewell gifts for the chaplain wives, well, she likes to make them. She is very craft (evil and regular) and I knew what she was making for us ladies. It’s amazing. Here it is and check it out for yourself.

photo (96)

You can’t tell in the picture, but the white snow is all sparkly under the Northern Lights. I love it!! The very best thing about Alaska is the Northern Lights and as much as I hate, HATE bears, polar bears are so far north, I don’t hate them.

Since I knew Sharon was making an awesome gift for each of us, I emailed the other wives and we decided to pitch in and get Sharon a gift as well. However nobody had a great idea. I pondered and pondered as I wanted something that moved her, hopefully to tears. Why? I’m crafty too (evil and regular). Finally it dawned on me. While the Bolin’s have been here in Alaska, they have left the Anglican Church and moved to the Catholic Church. It was a big deal. I decided to go take a picture of their new Catholic building, St. Patrick’s Parish. The nice ladies in the office let me in the building and I snapped away. The picture came out nice, but it’s not “so happy you pooped your pants” nice. What to do?

A-ha! Tiles. I saw at a “Super Saturday” (LDS craft day) a project where ladies put pictures onto tiles with a glue called Modge Podge. That will work! So the other wives helped paid for the supplies and we made this!

photo (97)

Pretty stinking great! I was so happy we found a frame that we could put the tiles under the glass and was Sharon’s style. Perfect.

Did she poop her pants? She wouldn’t say. Did she cry? Naw, but she never does. We did get a gasp and her hand go up towards her mouth. She was definitely moved. PERFECT.

The exchange between our gifts and Sharon’s took about 5 minutes. Afterwards we played a game.

Last night was Chad’s farewell with all the other chaplains here at JBER. He received this.

photo (95)

It’s a drawing of the Soldiers Chaplain with guys parachuting in. Pretty darn cool. It took a good hour for all the chaplains to receive their gift. Why?First a chaplain was thanking them for their service so he talked a while. Then that chaplain wanted to thank the people in the room and that took a while. Each wife stood silently next to her husband, holding some flowers.

That’s exactly what it is like. As wives we have been thanking each other all along. We hug hello and goodbye. We laugh and cry together, and have said a million times already, “I will miss you.” We do not need a big ceremony or even want one. I think every wife would have been just as happy to sit in her seat while her husband was presented his picture and being thanked for his service. We like being the unsung hero. We will do the job in our own way, but just don’t point it out.

I’m sure other military wives are the same, especially those whose husbands are in leadership positions. However there is nothing quite like a chaplain’s wife. Each of them have a silent glow about them that comes from the Lord. There is a general air of service about them. I feel it an honor to be a part of their ranks and hope that I can do my part to honor them as well.

God bless the chaplain’s wives.

(That was for you Donovan.)

The Atkins

April 18, 2013

Since I refuse to get up any earlier than I do, I only have about 20 minutes each morning to blog. For some people, like Sara who types over a 100 words a minute, that would be plenty. Not this girl. My fingers don’t go as fast as my thoughts and usually I spend as much time editing as I do writing. That being said, yesterday I just barely told you about the Atkins, the lovely family who is selling us our home.

I need to tell you about them because they are fabulous, that’s right fabulous.

I didn’t ask permission to blog about them so I might get sued, but here goes.

When I started asking about their home on Katy’s facebook post, the wife, Jamie was very nice. We had about 10 or so exchanges on Katy’s post before we got serious about the house and I started emailing her. Katy is also fabulous and didn’t complain one bit. I totally owe her something pretty and shiny as a finder’s fee.

Jamie and I started emailing and she sent me loads of information about the home and the community. She told me about how her kids were in local community theater, that a new pass opened up to Raleigh and that there is a Chick-fil-A near our house. That restaurant is not up here in Alaska so it comes up in conversations more than you’d think. She talked about how much she loved her home and answered all my questions. After 15+ emails back and forth, I was starting to look forward to moving to North Carolina.

While this was all happening, I had also been talking to a chaplain up here who owns a home in the same community but rents it out. He asked what the Atkins were asking for their home and I told him the price. He said I should ask for a lower price. I didn’t want to, the Atkins were being SO nice it felt wrong to barter with them. Chad agreed and I have watched enough of HGTV to know that is what people usually do. Ugh. I called Chaplain Atkins and left a message feeling horrible for doing so. He called me back and was super nice on the phone (of course). He told me all the repairs he wanted to do before they left the house so it would be ship shape when we moved there. I was feeling even worse for asking a lower price when he told me on the phone that they just wanted to pay off their loan and closing cost. He agreed to the lower price I had offered.

I was stunned. Who does that? Who in this world is that nice and doesn’t want to make a profit on a beautiful home? They even did a ton of work on the house, moving the laundry out of the kitchen, which cost a pretty penny, and aren’t looking to make that money back.

The Atkins had realtors asking them to up the price of their home and let them sell it. They knew what a find it was. However the Atkins said no and decided to sell the house by themselves. I have no doubt that it was the Lord prompting them to do so, because we couldn’t afford this house if they had.  I can not say enough good things about the Atkins. They are leaving the walls painted, which Jamie did a great job on, and even some scriptures they have on the walls. I have a lot to do in Alaska still so  I haven’t been trunky to move until this last week. Now I can’t wait!

God bless the Atkins!!!