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August 9, 2013

Now that we are in North Carolina one thing is on my mind.


More specifically spiders and cockroaches.

“Don’t be a big fat baby and feed me. Sheesh. “

One nice thing about Alaska was the lack of bugs. Sure in the summer there are mosquito and I saw a few little spiders but that is it. We didn’t worry about dishes left in the sink or letting the kids munch on snack food in front of the TV.

Our routine has changed a bit. Now all food not in the fridge is securely closed. The dishes are immediately rinsed and placed in the dishwasher and I vacuum a lot more. I don’t want bugs.

How many cockroaches does it take to screw in a light bulb? Can’t tell, when the light comes on, they scatter.

Our first day here we found this cutie in our upstairs bathroom, and she was big.

Why do spiders spin webs?
Because they can’t knit!

Turns out she was a momma as we later found dead baby black widows spiders in a ceiling light fixture.

(My skin is just crawling typing this out. Ugh.)

So, last night I’m sitting in bed reading my favorite book in the whole world (other than the scriptures of course) “The Queen of Attolia” and I casually run my fingers through my hair. Suddenly I feel something drop out of my hair and land on my arm. In the next 3 seconds a few things happen.

Second one: My brain runs through the following conversation. “Something fell out of my hair. Weird. I don’t have anything in my hair. What could possible be in my hair? Nothing. Weird. The only way something could get in my hair is if it fell from the ceiling. What could fall from the ceiling? A SPIDER.

Second two: I jump up out of bed and start beating my arm up. Before I was married, I received an orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. All my training comes back to me and  I Karate chop my arm over and over. For some reason I focus only on the spot I felt the something land. Once it has turned into a red swollen pulp, I attack the bed in case that witty spider blocked my martial art blows and jumped into the sheets. I throw my blankets up  and do a combination of serious punches/chops on the bottom sheet.

Second three: I stand far away from the bed, breathing hard, as if I just ran the half marathon. My heart is racing. Then I see something metal on the ground. I take a closer look.

Bobby pin.

Thank goodness, but I’m not going to sleep for at least 2 hours.

Now you may be asking where was Chad durning those 3 seconds.

Asleep in the spider filled bed.

spider ecard


Alaska Part 1

August 7, 2013

We made it to North Carolina. What a trip, but before I get to that I figured I better document our Alaska adventure. The best way to do that is through pictures. Here is a brief photo trip of the first half of our time in Alaska.


We bought a brand new van September 2010 in Utah and drove it up to Alaska. We took our time, about 10 days and enjoyed Canada. Just for fun, here is a picture of the girls as we drove out of Alaska July 2013.


One of the first things we did when we got to Alaska is find Mator, Chad’s truck.


Mator in his pre-rust stage.

I know, I know, he is one sweet ride. One of my favorite pictures of Bridget is in front of Mator. What? You wanna see it? No problem.

Mator and Bridget


Mator was fun because everybody always knew where Chad was.  He became a little bit famous. Chad asked me to drive Mator around the block once a week while he was deployed. Yeah…that didn’t happen. The only time Mator saw the light of day is on Chad’s R&R (rest and relaxation) and when Sara needed a TV unit delivered to her house.

We were able to get a house on Fort Richardson and it was huge. It was a handicap home with fake wood floors through out the whole bottom level. When Chad was gone on training, I let the kids ride there bikes/scooters in the house.

For some reason I got it in my head to paint a tree on the wall.

tree house one

We added pictures of family and friends on all the leaves, which was scrapbook paper hot glued to the wall.

When we were asked to leave our first house and move down the street, I had to have another tree.

tree house 2

This one had fabric leaves glued on the wall and little kids
(Sara’s Lucas) loved to peel them off.

We had a great time painting and decorating both our houses in Alaska.

Since we drove up in September, I had already planned Halloween. We ordered the kids costumes and I just had to make Chad and mine’s.

Hallowen 2010 Potter

I don’t know why Elizabeth isn’t smiling, she loved her costume.

Christmas was fun as it was a beautiful white Christmas. I will miss that about Alaska for sure. Now snow in March, April, and sometimes May, not so much.

This isn't the picture we used for our Christmas card but I love it as Leia was trying not to blink for the picture.

This isn’t the picture we used for our Christmas card but I love it as
Leia was trying not to blink for the picture.

We had some sweet Christmas lights in Alaska.

Chad had to work for our Christmas ward talent show, I don’t think he was too upset about that.


In January my sister Julienne got married and I took a break from the snow and visited Utah.

This isn't my whole family, my older sister isn't in the picture. I think she was working and came later. This was the last time my whole family was together.

This isn’t my whole family, my older sister isn’t in the picture. I think
she was working and came later. This was the last time my whole
family was together.

Next big event was Leia turning 8 and that means baptism!

Leia's Baptism 2011

How beautiful is that kid? Answer: Very!

After Leia’s big day, I held my first CAV coffee at our house. It was a Just Dance on the Wii party. It was a turning point for me as this was the night Bridget told me she had organized a walking group and invited me to join them. Thank goodness I said yes!

Cav coffee

The first of many cheesy pictures.

I wasn’t excited to move to Alaska, in fact, it was the last place I wanted to go. However there is a silver lining in every black cloud and the lining here was whales. Chad grew up loving whales and we always wanted to go on a whale watching cruise. The first chance we got we took it. We saw Humpback and Killer whales. It was amazing.

Whale cruse 2011

Rachel and Elizabeth slept through half the tour. Leia hanged
out with the grown-ups on the back deck the whole time.

We had 3 balls in Alaska and the first one was the Army birthday ball. This one was pretty fun as most of the people left after the dinner and we had the whole dance floor to ourselves. Dallas, Bridget’s husband kept yelling at the live band to play “Free Bird”. The band ignored him and we laughed and laughed. Good times.

Teresa Jasper left when the dancing started but she was there as well.

Teresa Jasper left when the dancing started but she was there as well.

OK, now we are up to one of my favorite events. The Yellow Garter. That is a day were the wives get to play Army. They call it the yellow garter as our boys wear the cowboy hats and I guess we are the salon girls. We had to borrow the guys uniforms, including helmets (not fun for girls whose husbands have huge heads) and bullet proof vest. We jumped out of a 34 foot tower they practice for airborne jumps, drive hummers, shot weapons. It was fabulous. One of my favorite days.

Yellow Garter 2011

I love the pink Thompson name tag.

Yellow Garter 1

In Alaska it’s not everyday that you see a bear. After the Yellow Garter we drove to Steward for Chad to do a marriage retreat. On the way home we saw our first non-zoo bear. I only saw a bear two more times. I probably saw a moose about 30 times. It was pretty cool every time though.

At this point the walking group met every Thursday to walk 4 miles, and we had become fast friends.  A few of us decided we need to have a thank you party for Bridget. We ordered t-shirts with our group name on it, ARC, and met at Jenn’s house for a party. It was the first of many.

ARC party 1

Not everyone in this picture is still in the ARC group, but that is OK.
Megan and Jamie came on board and took their places which is a
good thing. Christin is the only working member of the group and
isn’t in all the pictures but she was a part of it as well.

Next up, the CAV ball. This one was crazy as the CAV people like to party, not wear floor length dresses and it seemed nobody went home after the dinner. It was wild.

CAV ball 2011

Yes, I made my dress and it was heavy.

In October we flew down to Utah for General Conference and the Chaplain Conference. Chad’s family drove up from Arizona as they wanted to see him before he left for Afghanistan in December.

chaplains conference

Some of the Chaplains Chad went to school with.

The Thompson cousins in front of the Salt Lake Temple.

Thompson cousins in front of the Salt Lake Temple.

With all the craziness of getting ready for Chad’s deployment, Halloween didn’t get the love it deserved. This is the first year I didn’t sew a single costume. The girl’s were Monster High girls, which they were super excited about the wigs. We found a ghost buster costume for Chad and figured that was close enough. I was a witch, done and done.

If you don't know Monster High, they are the daughter of a werewolf, Frankenstein and Dracula.

If you don’t know Monster High, they are the daughters of a werewolf, Frankenstein and Dracula.

The thing with Alaska is that trick-or-treating is cold. Really cold. The above picture was for our annual Halloween party. The below picture is them trick-or-treating.

Trick or treating 2011

We still only made it around the block and headed home.
Slipping on the ice with a full bucket of candy is no fun.

Before Chad left for Afghanistan for 10 months, we took our Christmas card picture. I can’t find the sweet nice one, just the naughty one.

Christmas card pic 2011

Whaaaa! We’re not getting anything for Christmas!

That is it for part one of our Alaska adventure. I do want to add that our first year there we had a great school year with great teachers and I enjoyed having Elizabeth at home. The start of the 2011-2012 school year we had a hard time with Leia’s teacher. Elizabeth started Kindergarten and did well.

See you later for part 2!