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Bumper Stickers. Why?

March 28, 2014

Whoa, what a fast week! I was sick on Monday and we didn’t do RAOF, then meetings in the evenings and just crazy life and the girl’s and I didn’t get a Fun Friday Foto done. Oh well. Good news is that is was a fast week. That means we are getting our rhythm back. Yay for that! Those first couple of weeks are always the hardest.  So I guess I’ll just write about something random. So not like me.


I was driving around and I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Kerry Edwards A Stronger America”

File:Kerry edwards new pic.png

That was from the 2004 elections.

What makes people put a sticker on their car? Those things aren’t easy to get off. Let’s find out, shall we?

bumper sticker 1

This person must have nice buns because you know people are going to look at them when he gets out of the car. So reason one, to get people to look at your body and wonder if it works right.


bumper sticker 6

If you have seen this sticker and wondered what the heck it means, I’ll tell you. Runners like to put stickers on their car that shows the miles of half-marathons and full marathons, i.e. 13.1 and 26.2. This guy wants to let the world know, he doesn’t run and he is proud of it. Reason number 2, to let people know you are unhealthy.


bumper sticker 7

It’s you, the idiot behind them is you. This is called passive aggressive. Instead of being direct and saying, stop driving so close, they try and make it funny while they insult you. Reason number 3, to let people know your personality type and how they could intimate you pretty easily.


bumper sticker

Funny but not loud out loud funny. More like, “the world is stupid and I hate it and you guys stink but whatever, who cares” kind of funny. Reason number 4, to show off your dry humor and how much fun you wouldn’t be at a party.


This guy thinks he is hysterical and he isn’t afraid to show it. Reason number 5, to tell people how loud and obnoxious you are.


bumper sticker 2

Another funny one. This person is making fun of himself and what he drives. While the 2 guys above would be too lame or too loud at a party, he would be just right. Reason number 6, to get invited to parties and haul everyone home afterwards.


Reason number 7 is to tell everyone you are a nerd.

So chances are these boys are skinny and rich.



Funny sticker on the rear door of the car

Well, well, well. He tricked you didn’t he? Isn’t he something. Reason number 8, to let us all know you are broke because you spent a ton of money on a sticker for the back of your truck and that you are single and most likely will remain that way.

There we a ton of other bumper stickers that lets us all know what a big pervert you are, but I’d rather not post any pictures of those.

Do you have a bumper sticker?

P.S. I don’t, but I do have a magnetic of a Y. What does that say about me?






March 26, 2014

Today’s post is gross. Not just a little bit, but a whole lotta gross. So if you are reading this while you munch on your breakfast of Nutella on toast with a hot beverage, first of all, stop. That is unhealthy. Second of all, finish your sugar filled goods, and read this later. It will make you want to puke.

Here it is. One of the biggest challenges over in the ‘Ghan with Chad is the toilets. (See? I told you it was going to be bad!) As you saw from a few post back, the people there like to stand, STAND, on the toilet seat, squat down and poop. Naturally poop is going to get everywhere and that is gross. Guess what is grosser than that?

Weeeeeeell, people over there like to clog up the toilets. Chad isn’t sure how as he races in to use the toilets in the morning right after they have been cleaned and they work fine. (Side note: The toilets next to the Chapel is in a high traffic area and get a lot of use.) However later in the day they are clogged with poop. What do people do when they see the toilet is clogged? THEY POOP ON TOP OF THE POOP THAT IS CLOGGING THE TOILETS. Chad says it gets so bad that the toilet is filled to overflowing with poop. It bursts out of the toilet like the top of a muffin. (I hope you didn’t eat a muffin for breakfast!)

So this,

chocolate muffin

plus this,


equals this,

Terrible photo shop, but hey, I gotta go to work in

Terrible photo shop, but hey, I gotta go to work  in 10 minutes!

Chad’s life.

On a not-at-all-gross note, the same phone call Chad told me about the poop muffins, he also shared with me that he ran into a soldier that worked on Star Trek: Into Darkness. That is pretty cool. In case you missed it, Chad and I saw that movie in the theaters 8 times.

2 for my sister Quinette, 8 for me and 1 for my sister Julienne.

2 for my sister Quinette, 8 for me and 1 for my sister Julienne.

I guess you can say we kind of liked it….a lot.

Have a great day, Live Long and Prosper and don’t poop on top of other poop!

Deployment Bracelets

March 24, 2014

They are here!!

I like to wear a little reminder of my hubby while he is gone and my fabulous friend Jennifer Bass makes these amazing para cord bracelets and key chains. She started making them up in Alaska right before our husband’s deployed. Here is the bracelet I wore last deployment.


The yellow ribbon started out nice and bright but I wore this little baby everywhere. Here is proof.



I needed a new bracelet for this deployment so I hopped on Jenn’s Facebook page called:

All Knotted Up (Custom military inspired Para Cord bracelets & Keychains)

You can look through pictures and get some great ideas. She has charms and different kind of buttons. She can make whatever you like. A bracelet to support cancer or Autism or a keychain in your schools favorite colors, anything! Check it out.

I picked some bracelets out for me and the girls and they came on Saturday. Here they are.


Here is a close up.



How cute is that?! My bracelet hooks around the button, but the girls have the button sewn on the middle and a plastic clip to hook it together. This works great with their tiny little fingers.

As you can see from the above picture, the yellow bow is nice and bright. Hurry home solider, hurry home!



Fun Friday Fotos

March 21, 2014

My friend Sara and I love to send each other the funniest pictures we can find on Pinterest. While others are pinning healthy recipes and cute crafts, we are sending each other stuff like this…

pinterest 2

Or this,

Pinterest 3

and this,

pinterest 1

and even a little of this.


You might think it’s juvenile and we would agree with you. We don’t care and  it keeps us young.

On Wednesday I was strolling through the land of Pinterest looking for funny pictures, when I saw a photo of cat shaming. The kitty had clawed to death a whole role of toilet paper. Next to the cat was a sign that said, “I can’t control myself around toilet paper.” I laughed and thought to myself, “That is my kids right now.” You see, 2 out of 3 offspring have runny noses and they seem to think it’s ok to just throw their used tissues on the floor, especially in their bedrooms. It’s gross.

Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head and I decided to start recreating funny pet pictures with my children. The two younger ones loved the idea. Rachel is still not feeling well and went to bed. Here is the first picture we decided to recreate.

photo (16)

Here is our version.

Friday Fun

Hahaha! The kids picked out a bunch of pictures to do but if you would like to summit a photo we just might recreate it!

P.S. My friend Jackie hates dog shaming pictures. She is ok with people shaming though. I wonder what she thinks of this?

P.P.S. Here is the cat picture that gave me this brilliant (?) idea!


Throwback Thursday – Chad

March 20, 2014

I was looking for some pictures of my oldest friend in the world. Wait, that sounds wrong. She isn’t my oldest friend, like 80 years old. She is the friend I’ve know the longest. In fact, I’m older than her. Natalie and I took a bunch of selfies in the 90’s, (yeah, we started that trend, you’re welcome) and I wanted to post some on Facebook. While I was digging around, I found some pictures of Chad from when he graduated from Basic Training in 2004. Check out that baby face.

The guys hate wearing their uniforms, but I have yet to met a wife who doesn't love them.

Chad Boot camp 1 001

Chad Boot Camp 001

The guys hate wearing their “Class A”, but women love a man in uniform!

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Pictures From Chad

March 19, 2014

Chad sent pictures!! Last deployment, when he had an office and a computer (wow, spoiled), he sent pictures all the time. This time he isn’t so lucky. Let’s start this slide show!

Nothing like a selfie! Check out his sweet hat, nice.

Nothing like a selfie! Check out his sweet hat, nice.

The Sanctuary. Feel free to run in there and call SANCTUARY, if the cops are after you.

The Sanctuary. Feel free to run in there and call SANCTUARY, if the cops are after you.

The LDS church doesn't have crosses on their churches. It's nothing against the cross but Jesus isn't there. He was resurrected. It was a little weird at first when Chad started wearing a cross on his uniform. Now that some people don't think we are Christians, I love see the cross on his uniform!

The LDS church doesn’t have crosses on their churches. It’s nothing against the cross but Jesus isn’t there. He was resurrected. It was a little weird at first when Chad started wearing a cross on his uniform. After running into some people who don’t think we are Christians, I love seeing the cross on his uniform!

"Sunset on the Chad"

“Sunset on the Chad”

They have a problem with the locals standing on the toilets to poop. Yeah, they stand on the seat, squat down and poop...

They have a problem with the locals standing on the toilets to poop. Yeah, they stand on the seat, squat down and poop…

RAOF – Library Edition

March 18, 2014

This week’s Random Act Of Friendship idea came from Desiree Clarke Hutcheon. I don’t know anything about the Hutcheon part, but Desiree Clarke and I grew up together in the same small town. I remember her as being smart, athletic and quiet, but not a shy quiet, more like a confident quiet. So pretty much the opposite of me. How we were friend is beyond me but all the kids from my “cowtown” called Draper stuck together. Any who, Desiree sent me a picture on Facebook of a guy holding a library book with a dollar and a note in it. Perfect.

Right after school we headed over to the library. I sat the kids down, explain what we were going to do and gave each of them 5 one dollar bills and some note cards.


Then I had them write their notes. They could write whatever they wanted. Elizabeth mostly wrote, “I’m glad you like to read!”  and drew a smiley face. Leia wouldn’t let me see her notes but I also saw some happy faces. Rachel’s notes were pretty cute. Here is one.


After we wrote our messages, I sent the kids out to hid their dollars.



We had to be careful that kids there didn’t see what we were doing. There wasn’t a lot of people around but right when I took this picture a child came running around the corner, sounding like a pack of wild elephants. Thankfully they didn’t see what we were doing. We want finding a dollar to be a surprise.

Leia randomly picked books but Elizabeth and Rachel choose books they had read. I let Rachel go off by herself and stayed with Elizabeth in the easy reader section. Elizabeth picked a Curious George book, Little Bear, and a  Christmas book. I didn’t see her last two books as Rachel needed a tissue and was throwing a little fit about it. That girl is no fun when she isn’t feeling well. I’m pretty sure her allergies are acting up. At this point we were running out of time as I had a yoga class to teach at 5:30. I decided to grab a book I had read and put all of my 5 dollars in it.


After we finished hiding the money, I let the kids pick out some books to take home. I told them to make sure they didn’t get a book that had a dollar in it.

We were in the van heading home when Elizabeth asked if she could read one of her library books. Of course you can. She had a Valentine’s book on her lap. She started flipping pages and then I heard a gasp. “Why, what is this?”

I glanced in the rear view mirror. It was a dollar.