Today’s post is gross. Not just a little bit, but a whole lotta gross. So if you are reading this while you munch on your breakfast of Nutella on toast with a hot beverage, first of all, stop. That is unhealthy. Second of all, finish your sugar filled goods, and read this later. It will make you want to puke.

Here it is. One of the biggest challenges over in the ‘Ghan with Chad is the toilets. (See? I told you it was going to be bad!) As you saw from a few post back, the people there like to stand, STAND, on the toilet seat, squat down and poop. Naturally poop is going to get everywhere and that is gross. Guess what is grosser than that?

Weeeeeeell, people over there like to clog up the toilets. Chad isn’t sure how as he races in to use the toilets in the morning right after they have been cleaned and they work fine. (Side note: The toilets next to the Chapel is in a high traffic area and get a lot of use.) However later in the day they are clogged with poop. What do people do when they see the toilet is clogged? THEY POOP ON TOP OF THE POOP THAT IS CLOGGING THE TOILETS. Chad says it gets so bad that the toilet is filled to overflowing with poop. It bursts out of the toilet like the top of a muffin. (I hope you didn’t eat a muffin for breakfast!)

So this,

chocolate muffin

plus this,


equals this,

Terrible photo shop, but hey, I gotta go to work in

Terrible photo shop, but hey, I gotta go to work  in 10 minutes!

Chad’s life.

On a not-at-all-gross note, the same phone call Chad told me about the poop muffins, he also shared with me that he ran into a soldier that worked on Star Trek: Into Darkness. That is pretty cool. In case you missed it, Chad and I saw that movie in the theaters 8 times.

2 for my sister Quinette, 8 for me and 1 for my sister Julienne.

2 for my sister Quinette, 8 for me and 1 for my sister Julienne.

I guess you can say we kind of liked it….a lot.

Have a great day, Live Long and Prosper and don’t poop on top of other poop!

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5 Comments on “Groooss!”

  1. Krystal Says:

    That was the yummiest looking poop I’ve ever seen. Actually, your photoshopping helped me get over the hideousness of that image that was in my brain.

  2. Porsche Says:

    aaaand now I don’t EVER want a chocolate chip muffin.

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