Bumper Stickers. Why?

Whoa, what a fast week! I was sick on Monday and we didn’t do RAOF, then meetings in the evenings and just crazy life and the girl’s and I didn’t get a Fun Friday Foto done. Oh well. Good news is that is was a fast week. That means we are getting our rhythm back. Yay for that! Those first couple of weeks are always the hardest.  So I guess I’ll just write about something random. So not like me.


I was driving around and I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Kerry Edwards A Stronger America”

File:Kerry edwards new pic.png

That was from the 2004 elections.

What makes people put a sticker on their car? Those things aren’t easy to get off. Let’s find out, shall we?

bumper sticker 1

This person must have nice buns because you know people are going to look at them when he gets out of the car. So reason one, to get people to look at your body and wonder if it works right.


bumper sticker 6

If you have seen this sticker and wondered what the heck it means, I’ll tell you. Runners like to put stickers on their car that shows the miles of half-marathons and full marathons, i.e. 13.1 and 26.2. This guy wants to let the world know, he doesn’t run and he is proud of it. Reason number 2, to let people know you are unhealthy.


bumper sticker 7

It’s you, the idiot behind them is you. This is called passive aggressive. Instead of being direct and saying, stop driving so close, they try and make it funny while they insult you. Reason number 3, to let people know your personality type and how they could intimate you pretty easily.


bumper sticker

Funny but not loud out loud funny. More like, “the world is stupid and I hate it and you guys stink but whatever, who cares” kind of funny. Reason number 4, to show off your dry humor and how much fun you wouldn’t be at a party.


This guy thinks he is hysterical and he isn’t afraid to show it. Reason number 5, to tell people how loud and obnoxious you are.


bumper sticker 2

Another funny one. This person is making fun of himself and what he drives. While the 2 guys above would be too lame or too loud at a party, he would be just right. Reason number 6, to get invited to parties and haul everyone home afterwards.


Reason number 7 is to tell everyone you are a nerd.

So chances are these boys are skinny and rich.



Funny sticker on the rear door of the car

Well, well, well. He tricked you didn’t he? Isn’t he something. Reason number 8, to let us all know you are broke because you spent a ton of money on a sticker for the back of your truck and that you are single and most likely will remain that way.

There we a ton of other bumper stickers that lets us all know what a big pervert you are, but I’d rather not post any pictures of those.

Do you have a bumper sticker?

P.S. I don’t, but I do have a magnetic of a Y. What does that say about me?




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2 Comments on “Bumper Stickers. Why?”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Bumper stickers are lame. Magnets…they’re ok. But here’s our debate: we thought it was really cool when they came out with Texas BYU license plates, but after debating we decided not to get one because then every time we cut someone off or drove too fast or slow or whatever, someone would say “oh yeah, those crazy mormons are all HORRIBLE and rude drivers!” I can’t promise I would be a considerate driver ALL the time.

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