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ROAF – Dentist

April 15, 2014

Yup, the dentist.

As some of you may know, I hate the dentist. I have written about it before here and here AND here. I think we should get extra brownie points  for being nice to a place I dread.

We all went there yesterday so the girls wouldn’t miss any school, its Spring Break. They had a little kids section in the waiting room. On the cute little table was a playset, Littlest Pet Shop…with no pets. We looked all over but none were to be found. After leaving Satan’s playground, we headed home and pulled out our Littlest Pet Shop toys. We picked out 7 animals and a few accessories. Then the girls cleaned them up.


Rachel types up a sign and taped it on a container to put the pets in.

dentist 4

I called the dentist office to made sure it was ok to donate some toys. Maybe they didn’t want them, who knows? The receptionist said they would love them and people just keep taking the toys out of the office. Who does that? I explained what we have been doing and how we like to keep it a secret so we would put the pets in a bag, tie it to the office door, knock and run. She loved the idea and said she would keep an eye out for us.

I loaded the kids back into the van and we headed back to the dentist office.

dentist 3

We snuck up to the door…

dentist 2

tied the bag on and Elizabeth knocked.

Tap tap.

I told her to knock harder.

Tap Tap.


Tap tap.

Leia said, “I got this.”


Through the glass door they saw the receptionist coming and took off running, laughing their heads off!

dentist 1

The receptionist was so cute. She opened the door and said, “Why, what’s this!?” in her cute Southern drawl. The girls running away heard her and started to run faster, laughing harder. We all piled in the van with big smiles on our faces. I wish I would have taken a video of the whole event. It was a lot of fun!

I still hate the dentist.


RAOF – Dinner

April 8, 2014

Holy Smokes, I have been busy! 2 weeks ago, I think I was the right amount of busy. All within a couple of days, 3 extra things were added to my plate and the last 2 weeks I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Hopefully things will settle down. I’m most worried about the half marathon coming up as my running as been suffering from the new schedule. Sigh, at least the time is going by faster.

Any who, enough whining. One of the things I have to do is get some volunteers trained on helping with Care Teams. Care Teams go in and assists when there is a casualty. We provide meals, help with pets, clean the home, pick up relatives who fly in, that sort of stuff. I called one volunteer and found out she was in Utah as her father had just passed away. They had to take a red eye back to North Carolina on Sunday night. I offered to bring her dinner Monday as I knew she would be exhausted. I’m not sure if they have 4 kids or 5, but I do know they have teenage boys, and all teenage boys do is eat. Food is not my favorite way to serve as I don’t even like cooking for my own family. Plus there is the hassle of getting your dishes back and all that. Luckily Walmart has rotisserie chickens, steam veggies cooked in the microwave and mash potatoes, also cooked in the microwave. I grab those plus some milk, picked up the kids from the bus stop and head 30 minutes south.


When we pulled up to the house the kids asked if we were going to put the food on the porch, ring the doorbell and run. All our other RAOF were done secretly so it was natural for them to think this. I thought it was cute of them.

We did ring the doorbell, we didn’t run and it was answered by a young female zombie. (Maybe we should have taken off.) I asked if we had the right house and she just grunted. Soon we met some more zombies, just stumbling around looking for something to eat, as zombies tend to do. They had all just woken up. The poor mom looked so tired. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have your father pass away, your husband not around to lean on, pulling your kids out of school and fly (the price of the tickets must have been so high!) to another state for a week. As they like to say in the South, bless her heart.


RAOF – Quarters

April 1, 2014

This week for our Random Act Of Friendship we put quarters in the candy machines at a couple of stores. You know, the ones that are by the door and the poor mother has to walk past them to get to her car and every child begs for a quarter for candy/gum/bouncing ball/plastic jewelry/mini football helmets. I am usually tired after shopping with the kids and I don’t want to stop and search for a quarter. Now some mom won’t have to.

We started at Kmart.


I had gone to the bank earlier in the day and gotten a roll of quarters.


We opened up the quarters and went to work.


Next we hit up the Piggly Wiggly, which the kids loved because we had never been there before. It ‘s just a store but come on, that name is pretty cool.


We loaded up their machines, even the tattoo ones.


The last stop was Walmart.


We put quarters in the machines on both sides of the store.


RAOF are fun to do but I must say I wish I could see a child’s face when he glances over to the machines and sees this,


Have fun kiddo!!