RAOF – Quarters

This week for our Random Act Of Friendship we put quarters in the candy machines at a couple of stores. You know, the ones that are by the door and the poor mother has to walk past them to get to her car and every child begs for a quarter for candy/gum/bouncing ball/plastic jewelry/mini football helmets. I am usually tired after shopping with the kids and I don’t want to stop and search for a quarter. Now some mom won’t have to.

We started at Kmart.


I had gone to the bank earlier in the day and gotten a roll of quarters.


We opened up the quarters and went to work.


Next we hit up the Piggly Wiggly, which the kids loved because we had never been there before. It ‘s just a store but come on, that name is pretty cool.


We loaded up their machines, even the tattoo ones.


The last stop was Walmart.


We put quarters in the machines on both sides of the store.


RAOF are fun to do but I must say I wish I could see a child’s face when he glances over to the machines and sees this,


Have fun kiddo!!

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3 Comments on “RAOF – Quarters”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Evan would be IN HEAVEN!!! He ALWAYS wants to stop and get candy or tattoos from those dang things! But… you’ve just given me a fabulous idea for his birthday!!! BRB! Gotta go get my roll of quarters!

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