Fun Friday Fotos

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My friend Sara and I love to send each other the funniest pictures we can find on Pinterest. While others are pinning healthy recipes and cute crafts, we are sending each other stuff like this…

pinterest 2

Or this,

Pinterest 3

and this,

pinterest 1

and even a little of this.


You might think it’s juvenile and we would agree with you. We don’t care and  it keeps us young.

On Wednesday I was strolling through the land of Pinterest looking for funny pictures, when I saw a photo of cat shaming. The kitty had clawed to death a whole role of toilet paper. Next to the cat was a sign that said, “I can’t control myself around toilet paper.” I laughed and thought to myself, “That is my kids right now.” You see, 2 out of 3 offspring have runny noses and they seem to think it’s ok to just throw their used tissues on the floor, especially in their bedrooms. It’s gross.

Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head and I decided to start recreating funny pet pictures with my children. The two younger ones loved the idea. Rachel is still not feeling well and went to bed. Here is the first picture we decided to recreate.

photo (16)

Here is our version.

Friday Fun

Hahaha! The kids picked out a bunch of pictures to do but if you would like to summit a photo we just might recreate it!

P.S. My friend Jackie hates dog shaming pictures. She is ok with people shaming though. I wonder what she thinks of this?

P.P.S. Here is the cat picture that gave me this brilliant (?) idea!



Throwback Thursday – Chad

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I was looking for some pictures of my oldest friend in the world. Wait, that sounds wrong. She isn’t my oldest friend, like 80 years old. She is the friend I’ve know the longest. In fact, I’m older than her. Natalie and I took a bunch of selfies in the 90’s, (yeah, we started that trend, you’re welcome) and I wanted to post some on Facebook. While I was digging around, I found some pictures of Chad from when he graduated from Basic Training in 2004. Check out that baby face.

The guys hate wearing their uniforms, but I have yet to met a wife who doesn't love them.

Chad Boot camp 1 001

Chad Boot Camp 001

The guys hate wearing their “Class A”, but women love a man in uniform!

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Pictures From Chad

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Chad sent pictures!! Last deployment, when he had an office and a computer (wow, spoiled), he sent pictures all the time. This time he isn’t so lucky. Let’s start this slide show!

Nothing like a selfie! Check out his sweet hat, nice.

Nothing like a selfie! Check out his sweet hat, nice.

The Sanctuary. Feel free to run in there and call SANCTUARY, if the cops are after you.

The Sanctuary. Feel free to run in there and call SANCTUARY, if the cops are after you.

The LDS church doesn't have crosses on their churches. It's nothing against the cross but Jesus isn't there. He was resurrected. It was a little weird at first when Chad started wearing a cross on his uniform. Now that some people don't think we are Christians, I love see the cross on his uniform!

The LDS church doesn’t have crosses on their churches. It’s nothing against the cross but Jesus isn’t there. He was resurrected. It was a little weird at first when Chad started wearing a cross on his uniform. After running into some people who don’t think we are Christians, I love seeing the cross on his uniform!

"Sunset on the Chad"

“Sunset on the Chad”

They have a problem with the locals standing on the toilets to poop. Yeah, they stand on the seat, squat down and poop...

They have a problem with the locals standing on the toilets to poop. Yeah, they stand on the seat, squat down and poop…

RAOF – Library Edition

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This week’s Random Act Of Friendship idea came from Desiree Clarke Hutcheon. I don’t know anything about the Hutcheon part, but Desiree Clarke and I grew up together in the same small town. I remember her as being smart, athletic and quiet, but not a shy quiet, more like a confident quiet. So pretty much the opposite of me. How we were friend is beyond me but all the kids from my “cowtown” called Draper stuck together. Any who, Desiree sent me a picture on Facebook of a guy holding a library book with a dollar and a note in it. Perfect.

Right after school we headed over to the library. I sat the kids down, explain what we were going to do and gave each of them 5 one dollar bills and some note cards.


Then I had them write their notes. They could write whatever they wanted. Elizabeth mostly wrote, “I’m glad you like to read!”  and drew a smiley face. Leia wouldn’t let me see her notes but I also saw some happy faces. Rachel’s notes were pretty cute. Here is one.


After we wrote our messages, I sent the kids out to hid their dollars.



We had to be careful that kids there didn’t see what we were doing. There wasn’t a lot of people around but right when I took this picture a child came running around the corner, sounding like a pack of wild elephants. Thankfully they didn’t see what we were doing. We want finding a dollar to be a surprise.

Leia randomly picked books but Elizabeth and Rachel choose books they had read. I let Rachel go off by herself and stayed with Elizabeth in the easy reader section. Elizabeth picked a Curious George book, Little Bear, and a  Christmas book. I didn’t see her last two books as Rachel needed a tissue and was throwing a little fit about it. That girl is no fun when she isn’t feeling well. I’m pretty sure her allergies are acting up. At this point we were running out of time as I had a yoga class to teach at 5:30. I decided to grab a book I had read and put all of my 5 dollars in it.


After we finished hiding the money, I let the kids pick out some books to take home. I told them to make sure they didn’t get a book that had a dollar in it.

We were in the van heading home when Elizabeth asked if she could read one of her library books. Of course you can. She had a Valentine’s book on her lap. She started flipping pages and then I heard a gasp. “Why, what is this?”

I glanced in the rear view mirror. It was a dollar.


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I’m weak, so weak, (head shake) so weak. I gave into temptation. I knew as soon as I did it that I would regret it later. Sigh. I never gave into temptation last deployment but I, sadly, did this time.

Let me say in my defense, this deployment, as you well know from my whining, has been harder. I have one friend in the Army unit. I have met some nice people and this Friday I’m going out to dinner with the FRG leaders and I’m excited about that.  Last time I had a ton of friends that were already established before my husband left. Thankfully Jayne’s husband is traveling for his job soon and that means I can drag her to the movies with me. If her husband is around, then naturally they would go together. I was thiiiiiiis close to going to the movies by myself for the first time ever, but I chickened out. Plus I read a bad review about the movie I wanted to see. So yeah, mentally I’m not as strong as I usually am.

So what did I do that is causing me to hold my head in same and regret?

I let Elizabeth sleep in my bed.

Big deal, you might be thinking. Let me give you a bit of background. The kids know they aren’t allowed in my bed. I will cuddle up with them on their bed but they all know my bed is off limits. When they were young I would let them but after I realized that children sleep horizontally and not vertically, I kicked them out! That doesn’t stop Elizabeth from asking. Last deployment she would ask every night. She would logically explain to my why it was a good idea. She would beg, plea and cry. I held my ground. Nope, nope, nope, nope. I made it through all 10 months.

This deployment she has asked maybe twice. It must have finally gotten through to her that the answer was no. Then last Friday I was watching Firefly. Firefly is the TV show Chad and I are watching for our date night. (Side note – I had no idea that a prostitute was a part of the cast, yikes!) I was into the show when Elizabeth came and crawled into bed with me. Soon she was fast asleep. When bed time came only Leia was awake and I sent her off to bed. I walked back to my room and I was just too tired to lift my 7 year old daughter up and carry her down the hall to her room. So there she stayed and I feel asleep.

In the middle of the night, Elizabeth woke up briefly, looked around, and exclaimed, “Why am I here!?” Then she fell right back to sleep. She was so shocked that she was in my bed.

The last couple of nights she didn’t ask to sleep in my bed, but I know it’s coming. She will ask and when I say no, she will point out that one time, I said yes. Oy vey.

Volunteering in the FRG

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A big part of deployments is the FRG. Sadly it can be a pain in the behind. (My husband is not a fan when I post about this stuff. However this is what we are going through and dealing with while he is gone. I think it’s important to record the truth. He thinks it’s important not to hurt other people’s feelings. That is why he is the Chaplain and I’m not.)

For those of you (all 2 of you) who are reading this blog for the first time, FRG stands for Family Readiness Group. Here is their official definition.

 The FRG is a command sponsor organization of all assigned soldiers, DA civilians, volunteers and their families that together provide mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among the family members, the chain of command, and community resources. While all these individuals are automatically considered to be members of the FRG, participation is voluntary.

That sounds nice, right? Maybe in a perfect world.

Problem number one: FRG is a command sponsor organization. This means the commander of each company is in charge of the FRG, not the wife who volunteered to be the FRG leader. Some soldiers get this, some don’t. I have had one commander set up meetings and meet with us regularly. I’m guessing most soldiers didn’t think when they joined the Army that being in charge of the wives and families are a part of it.  They have a lot of other stuff to do on the “green side” (when somebody drops that phrase, it means the guys who wear green, i.e. soldiers). FRG it seems, falls to the bottom of the to do list.

In our Alaska unit, the commander understood this and did his best to mentor the commanders under him. He was a busy guy but he made time for us.

Problem number two: Participation is voluntary. Here is how it works, each Brigade has an FRG Leader/Advisor, then each Battalion  have a FRG Advisor, then each company has a FRG Leader who in turn have Key Callers who call all the FRG members.  The Brigade meets once a month with the Battalion FRG Advisors and gives them information, who then in turn meet once a month with the FRG Leaders. Here is a the break down with a little LDS help.

Brigade (Area President)—–Battalion (Stake President)——Companies (Bishops)—–Key Callers (Home/Visiting Teachers)

I can’t find in the FRG Leader’s Handbook where it says any of the FRG Advisors/Leaders has to be the commander’s wife. Yet some how it is assumed that is what is going to happen. Some of the commander’s wife don’t want to volunteer and guess what, THEY DON’T HAVE TO. Yet many do. Guess what happens when you don’t want to be there? You just have half heartedly try and throw FRG to the bottom of your to do list. Guess who suffers? The families in the companies. Luckily some wives will step in who aren’t the commander’s wife. I have seen this a few times on the Company level. Usually it’s a higher ranking officer or a non-commissioned officer’s wife who volunteers. I have only seen it once on the Battalion level. Also sometimes you get a company commander who is single and he has to find an FRG Leader.

In Alaska my FRG Advisor (the commander’s wife) was super sweet, and nice, almost too nice. She would make sure we had food at our meetings, would bring gifts for us and get excited about upcoming events. Was she the best leader in the world? No, But she gave it all she had and frankly I didn’t appreciate it till now.

The current handbook list three things under it’s Definition and Mission of FRG.

First, the FRG conducts activities that enhance the flow of information between command and Families. The FRG provides feedback on the state of the unit’s Families to the command and disseminates information to Families received from the command. Secondly, the FRG encourages resiliency among the members by providing information, referral assistance and mutual concern. Thirdly, the FRG provides activities and support that enhance the well-being and espirt de corps within the unit.

So one: The FRG tells command how the families are doing and then command sends information back to the families.

Two: The FRG gives information to the families along with referrals available to them and generally care about them.

Three: The FRG provides social activities that are fun and lift moral.

If you don’t want to do all these thing, YOU DON’T HAVE TO.  Not just the commander’s wife, ANY WIFE. It is voluntary, not mandatory.

I have seen too many wives who want to help, who want to do all that, who care about families, and because people above them don’t care like they do, don’t put the FRG near the top their list, they burn out and quit.

One of my friends who isn’t at Fort Bragg is going through this right now. She volunteered when she got to her new unit and was ready to go. I worked with her in Alaska. She is on top of things, organized, knows the rules and is a great leader. She even has her own business. However through the past couple of years, she has struggled with getting information on families, being told at the last second that she had to get stuff done (which would have taken couple of weeks) and dealt with a lack of social events. She quit. She was getting pushed around and it seems to me, nobody appreciated her and her hard work. I wonder if she will even volunteer to be an FRG leader ever again.

If you don’t want to be there, then go home. You are just making it harder on those of us who want to help. We want to do things, we want to plan and organize. It’s a great distraction from the fact our best friend is gone and we can’t call and text them anytime we want. We want to get together and chat. We want to share our crazy deployment moments with others that are going through it as well. We want to laugh.We  want to feel that we aren’t alone. We understand that you might not need that, but many of us do.

It’s voluntary, not mandatory.

I don't watch Duck Dynasty, but thought this was funny. Plus I watched Catching Fire last night and my life felt a little better afterwards.  Things may be hard, but they aren't that hard!

I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, but thought this was funny.
Plus I watched Catching Fire last night and my life felt a little
better afterwards. Things may be hard, but they aren’t that hard!

Rachel Cop

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Don’t you love it when you come home from picking the kids up from the bus stop and on your answering machine is a message from the school.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Thompson, this is East Lee Middle School. We had an incident with your child at school today. We just want to let you know that it is being taken care of. If you have any questions you can call us back.”

What in the world did Rachel do? I didn’t have a chance to talk to her about the phone call, Elizabeth’s homework came first. Then I got busy with dinner and totally forgot about the call until later. When I did bring it up, she had that teenage “meh” face and shrugged the whole thing off. Here is the conversation.

M: Did something happen at school today?

R: Oh yeah, in social studies.

M: What happened?

R: A boy was being loud so I asked him to be quiet. He told me I was being bossy and I said I wan’t. I ASKED him to be quiet. Then he called me the B word.

M: (Eyes wide) Oh my. What did you do?

R: (Super casual, like it’s no big deal) I told the teacher. I feel bad for him. When he gets older and more mature, he is going to look back on this and say, “I can’t believe I said that!”

And off she went to draw.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that some boys never grown up and leave this middle school age. Sure, they may get older but they don’t mature. I also didn’t tell her she needs to stop being bossy because I usually tell her that every other day. I have informed her many times she should look into being a policeman because she hates it when others don’t follow the rules. If I had a nickel for every time I told her I am the mom and not her, I would have 325 bucks. Fact.